Hiking: MacLehose Trail Section 8 – Lead Mine Pass to Route Twisk

The Section 8 of MacLehose Trail starts from Lead Mine Pass (鉛鑛凹) and finishes at Route Twisk (荃錦公路), with overall length of 9.7 kilometres. We went hiking on Nov. 11 along the Section 8 of MacLehose. We climbed over Hong Kong’s highest mountain — Tai Mo Shan, 957 metres high, and followed the zigzag raod down to Route Twisk. There is no public transportation to the Lead Mine Pass, so we went to Yuen Tun Ha (元墩下) first.

My suggested route for hiking Section 8 of MacLehose trail are as follows.

1. Take MTR to Tai Po Market (大埔墟) MTR station, then take a taxi to Yuen Tun Ha. If possible, you can also drive to Yuen Tun Ha directly.
2. Walk for about 1.5 miles along the Wilson Trail Section 7 to Lead Mine Pass.
3. Start Section 8 from the Lead Mine Pass.
4. Reach the end of Section 8. Take Bus 51 there to Tsuen Wan (荃灣) MTR station.

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