1. Hello friend,
    my compliments for your articles
    You write on very clearly and very easy to understand
    (now I read yours papers about ssh tunnel)

    I think you shall become a Excellent teacher on University
    Walk on this way, and you become a star in computer universe.

    And I send also a kiss to Honk Kong where I have worked a lot of years ago
    for home tax boreau for my computer company.
    Wonderfull town I think, and wonderfull people also !
    And also one wonderfull girl I meeted in this town
    I hope your town don’t chanced during the last 20 years, and
    I hope also people don’t change!

    AZ Rome Italy

    1. Hi Angelo,

      I am very glad to know that you like these articles. And thanks for your compliments!

      Yes. Hong Kong is a nice city and I like it very much (I was born in north mainland China). I also hope it keeps being a shining star.

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