This page lists some of Eric Zhiqiang Ma’s public projects.

Research rojects

Please check Zhiqiang’s homepage for a list of research projects.

Software releases

  • mrcc (author) – A distributed C compiler system based on Hadoop or MRlite.
  • zlog (author) – An low-latency, efficient and easy-to-use in-memory logging library.
  • cc0 (contributor) – A c0 compiler. c0 is a variation of the C programming language with some extentions to support language-level multi-tasking.
  • libi0 (core developer) – libi0 is a general library for writing C0 code targeted i0. i0 is the ISA for Layer Zero which unifies myriads of nodes in the datacenters to form a big virtual machine.

Articles, tutorials and howtos

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