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I used to upload my photos using WordPress and display them inside a post, such as Enjoying Delicious Food in Thailand – Travel to Bangkok, Hiking Ngong Ping Trail – Ngong Ping Village to Tung Chung City Center and Photos Taken in Kota Kinabalu and Kapalai, Sabah, Malaysia. However, it is not convenient or efficient enough—I should upload photos manually with the “Upload/Insert” tool in WordPress while I prefer a simple “scp” of my photo directory. I did some search and found some PHP photo gallery scripts. My Dreamhost hosting plan give me unlimited disk space and bandwidth, which enables me to upload lots photos in high resolution.

This is my new photo gallery:

Eric’s Photo Gallery

After setting up this gallery, uploading and sharing my photos is quite easy and efficient: I just need to copy the photo directory to the directory on the server using scp and the album appears in the gallery. The gallery scripts automatically generates the thumbnails and low resolution version of the photos if they are too large, and displays the albums in pages of photo thumbnails.

I moved some of my old photos from picassa, social network and this blog to the photo gallery, and I will post my photos taken later to this gallery.

Update: after trying several gallery scripts, I finally decide to go back to WrodPress. If I try to set up a gallery with many customized features, I find I sort of go back to WordPress.

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