Ordered Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Black at 3Shop of Three Hong Kong

Update: Picked up the Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Black from 3 Hong Kong at 3Shop on the afternoon of Nov. 11, 2011. Everything is good. Also updated iOS to iOS 5.0.1.

Update: My $28 VAS is waived since I use the $56 1966 IDD package.

I ordered an Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Black from 3 Hong Kong at 3Shop. The main benefit of ordering from 3 Hong Kong is that I can get the iPhone 4S before Nov. 12, that is, the same day or one day later of the release of iPhone 4S by Apple in Hong Kong.

I registered at 3 Hong Kong one week before and a sales of 3 Hong Kong called me the day before yesterday and told me that I am in the head part of the queue and can get the iPhone 4S in the first several days after Nov. 11. When I make the order today, the staff of 3Shop confirmed with me that I can get the iPhone 4S on or before Nov. 12.

The iPhone 4S from 3 Hong Kong must go with a plan. I choose the 298/mon plan, which is suitable for me and also the best price for me compared to my current plan with 3 Hong Kong (88/mon, I use around 1400 min per month). I pay around extra $1083.84 $411.84 totally in two years compared to my current one (deduct the price for iPhone 4S) with some benefit (I show the details later).

I pay by the Manhattan Credit Card, so that I can enjoy additional offer: 1) $0 prepay ($4300 for a normal one. This is very nice, really.), 2) pay handset fee monthly ($19.16 each month) for 24 months, 3) waive of the HK$12 MTR/tunnel fee (nice, too), 4) VAS of $28 ($36 for a normal one) ($0 if subscribe the $56 1966 IDD package), 5) Unlimited local data usage for first 6 months.

A summary of my plan and a comparison to my old plan are as follows.

Old plan with 3 Hong Kong:

Month contract: $88 (1300 min basic + Environmental Friendly Plan).

For 24 months in total: $88 x 24 = $2112

iPhone 4S plan with 3 Hong Kong:

The package: 1800 min basic + unlimited Wi-FI + 500MB (unlimited for the first 6 months) Local Data  + others.

Month contract: $298

VAS packages: $28 $0 (if subscribe the $56 1966 IDD package)

MTR/tunnel fee: $0 (Waived)

Handset (iPhone 4S 16G) price: $19.16

Monthly fee in total: $298 + $28 + $19.16 = $345.16 $317.16

Fee for 24 months: $345.16 $317.16 x 24 = $8283.84 $7611.84

The Comparison:

Fee of iPhone 4S plan, deduct the price for iPhose 4S: $8283.84 $7611.84 – $5088 (Apple’s price) = $3195.84 $2523.84

The difference (deduct my old plan): $3195.84 $2523.84 – $2112 = $1083.84 $411.84

For each month: $1083.84 $411.84 / 24 = $45.16 $17.16

So I pay extra $45.16 $17.16 each month after subscribing the iPhone 4S plan. But I can get the benefit of 1) using iPhone 4S 16G just after Apple’s release, 2) pay the iPhone 4S’s price monthly for 24 months, 3) unlimited Wi-Fi + 500MB local data, 4) 3Screen one year (worth $3,380 according to 3), 5) $28 VAS package and $0 MTR/tunnel fee.

Although 3’s signal is not very good according to others, I use 3 for more than 1 year and I am happy with it signal and the $56 unlimited IDD plan (I call to mainland China a lot), especially that only 3 has signal in the Lab where I stay in HKUST.

The iPhone 4S plan is a good choice for those who want to use iPhone 4S but can not get into the pre-order phase and do not want to wait in the IFC mall before Apple Store for a very long time.

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  1. Great post! I just found your blog after searching for some information regarding the new iPhone 4S plans. I’m going to be studying at HKU in the next semester (I plan to stay in HK for 6 months) and I’m trying to figure out how I can get the best plan with an iPhone 4S. Would you recommend that I just buy an out-of-contract phone and then a prepaid card since I can’t sign a contract for 24 months…Also would you happen to know where I can find prepaid plans for iPhone? I can’t seem to find it anywhere on 3 Hong Kong’s website or any other phone companies’ websites. Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon.

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